Sunday, 31 October 2010

Dushanbe II

In the National museum of history the key historical person is the current president.

The museum also features a few interesting paintings...

..and also items that all Tajik people can be proud of, such as cans for milk.

Cement factory.

Soviet times social ad - don't let the children play with electricity.

"Glory to..."

"... the friendship..."

"...of all nations!"

Scary children's amusement park.

Russian school with dads - Tajik and Russian presidents.


It says "photo", perhaps it means there's a photography lab in the tunnel.

Local circus.

And here's a small collection of Soviet soda vending machines that can be still found all over the streets of Dushanbe. All of them were out of order, unfortunately.

Photos by (c) Arnis Balcus


Tajikistan Photos said...

The author seems to have made a special effort to show the bad side of Tajik Society through the photos which I have seen in The Blog.

Arnis Balcus said...

Why do think it's bad what you see here? And what would be that "good side"? The beauty lies not only in sunsets or skyscrapers...

Kids Gazette said...

Iesaku aizstaigāt līdz jelgavas ielas ugunsdzēsēju kantorim. Aiz tās mājas labajā pusē ir vārti. Iekšā pa vārtiem retro bendzīna uzpildes stacija...