Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Road accident

Road accident in Riga at around 6pm today. The first to arrive were photographers, then fire brigade, then police and only the last came an ambulance.
Photo by (c) Arnis Balcus


Anonymous said...

ka to var dabuut gatavu?

Anonymous said...

Hardly suprising that photographers were around the first, considering the accident took place 10m from the entrance of the national news company LETA.

AFAI noticed, all the people in the crash seemed to be able to get out of their cars on their own, and there didn't seem to be any blood, so the ambulance arriving a tinsy bit hopefully was not crucial in this case.

In any case, as suggested by comments in the news portals, all the emergency services arrived in a matter of several minutes.

Mesa Auto Accident said...

That looks fatal. I hope no one was seriously hurt from this accident.

kaney said...

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Stephen Schaunt said...

It's shocking how a car can just flip over like that. It's almost easy to guess the amount of force it takes to create such a mess... and to see the aftermath of injury and pain can be quite jarring.

car accident compensation said...

After seeing the picture, I can imagine that how dangerous it would have been!