Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Sport in Livani

This sign in Russian in Līvāni in Latvia has survived only because it was built with bricks into the wall of the school, so you cannot remove it without destroying the school. Thanks to Martins from Līvani, who knew the last two letters behind "m", as for me it was impossible to see the last word behind the wall. It translates as "oh, sport, you - peace" and was meant to stimulate sport activities for pupils.
Photo by (c) Arnis Balcus


Anonymous said...

"O, sport, ti mir" translation is:

"Oh, sport, you peace"

Martins from Livani

Anonymous said...

Actually, to be reaaally pedantic, the proper translation would be: "O sport, you are peace".

And there you go.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this phrase could be translated also like: 'Oh, Sport - You are the World!'. I'd stick to this since during the Soviet times Sport symbolized everything after the Party. I'm not sue it has to do with Peace, however not bad if it would.

Tati - used to do sport in this school!