Saturday, 25 September 2010


The cultural heritage is well integrated into the old town in Bukhara in South Uzbekistan. The city has the oldest madrassa in Central Asia, a spectacular minaret and many more must-see things. Perhaps the best place for a tourist to visit in Uzbekistan.

This is an interior at the main post office that is just a small room with furniture from the previous century.

This is a typical street in Bukhara.

And a typical old-town street. In one of those I found a small photo gallery run by Anzor Salidjanov. Google his name and you will find amazing work on people in Uzbekistan, especially local gypsies. He also represented Uzbekistan in the last Venice Biennale.

Donkeys are still a popular means of transportation also in a city like Bukhara. You can also easily spot sheep and goats that wander around the city streets.

This is a mobile shooting gallery and inside it you can see a school girl who is trying her luck with a gun.

The old Soviet soda vending machines are still spread throughout the city. In summer some of them have been put back to work. I wonder if they share out Coca-Cola nowadays...
Photos by (c) Arnis Balcus

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