Friday, 24 September 2010


Soviet era monster - hotel Uzbekistan on the main spot in the town - Amir Timur square.

Most Uzbeks are Muslims and the state policy allow to sell strong alcohol only in special shops. This one looks like a typical grocery store, however they only sell spirits.

In dozens of ex-USSR towns one can find a street named after cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. In Tashkent there's also a monument for him.

Police and military personnel is quite present in Tashkent, but in most cases they tend not to offend tourists. Sometimes they are tourists themselves.

Lada or Zhiguli is still the most commonly seen car on the Tashkent streets with Daewoo Matiz as a runner-up.

Ladas everywhere...feels like early 1990s.

Dress-code for males is white shirt, a tie, black leather shoes and black trousers.

It feel some shops haven't changed their window lay-out for quite a few decades. Perhaps it's just the sense of style that has not changed.

Fruits in Uzbekistan are cheap. A melon costs around 0.40-0.50 $,  grapes around 0.40$ per kg, figs - 0.60 $ per kg. A 15 year-old brandy/cognac costs 7 $. Besides you need to carry a lot of money, cos the biggest banknote they have is 1000 sum that makes just 0.45 $ on black market (official rate is 1600 sum per dollar, while on the black market you can get 2200 sum for 1 $).

Tashkent has quite a few Soviet era relics, mainly in architecture. This coat of arms is quite unique - it's not the official Soviet Uzbekistan one, as instead of sickle and hammer it has axe and shovel. Suggestions of its origin are welcome.
All photos (c) Arnis Balcus


meoww said...

uuuh, tik forši ka visur žiguļi.
nepārāk zaļi, bet skaisti

Gabriela said...

Nice pictures of Tashkent.
In Peru we had lots of Ladas in the early 90s too. And one tip: here in Peru the fruit is very cheap too... and delicious also.
All the best from Lima.