Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Marguzor lakes

Marguzor lakes are seven beautiful lakes in Fann mountains in Tajikistan. Our journey starts in this car. Normally a 5-seater, it took 13 people on board. To reach the sixth lake, which is about 70 km from Penjikent, we needed 2,5 hours due to road condition and many stops. One of the stops was cos most of the guys wanted to have a collective pray.

Here we have arrived at the sixth lake. On the left you see a house I spent a night. On the right - a toilet. And the local kids that were amazed by foreigners.

The kids wanted to touch everything, it seemed they haven't seen such things as zippers and shoe strings.

That's the sixth lake, a few steps from the house that hosted me.

The same lake from the same spot, but around 8am on the next day.

Local kids.

And that's the seventh lake, about 2 hours walk from the sixth.

Kids over there do have very strange dress-code. These two girls were not that keen to have been photographed, perhaps cos they approach marriage age.

Another girl with a bit of a snow in her hand.

And that's a lost donkey. Sometimes they appear out of nowhere without a rider.

And all the seven lakes are quite impressive. This is the 4th.

And this is a village near the 5th lake. Living conditions over there resemble 19th century. The only modern things are electricity and cars.
Photos by (c) Arnis Balcus


Habouji said...

Beautiful place, amazing lakes...

Valters Preimanis fotogrāfs said...

Great Tajikistan photos and very informative descriptions.