Sunday, 26 September 2010


Advert for a body-building hall.

A tuned zaporozhec (ZAZ), a rarity even in post-Soviet Central Asia.

Streets in Uzbekistan accompany a small open channels for waste water. If you are not careful at walking or crossing the street you might end up wet or with a broken leg. Some people have solved the problem of absent passes and created bridges out of old radiators. And this is not just one case, seen dozen of times.

A typical old town street in Samarkand. 

Registan - the main tourist attraction in Samarkand.

Urban planning disaster - a newly built pedestrian street that links Registan and the main market. They should not have done this.

Old moskvich. It is quite common to see a car carrying giant size items on the top of it.

Anti-alcohol and cigarettes propaganda at university.

Sometimes children playgrounds might be very scary in ex-USSR.

Daewoo Matiz - every Uzbeks dream car. They even got Daewoo as mobile network operator.

Soviet times ornaments and signs are easy to find in Samarkand.

The post in Uzbekistan uses the old Soviet times letter boxes.

Another symbol heavily used in Soviet times - Olympic rings and flame.

And another Soviet car collection - three Lada's and a moskvich.
Photos by (c) Arnis Balcus

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Martins Kikulis said...

That was truly great, like being there myself! Great reportage!